5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Marketing ASAP!

Running a business is definitely not the easiest thing in the world. It is so much more than just plastering a price tag on your products or services and crossing your fingers that someone would buy them. The key to a successful business is conversation. And in the world of business, the primary means of communication is through marketing.

What exactly is Marketing?

Marketing can be a broad and overwhelming concept. In simple terms, marketing is putting your name out there in your industry battlefield. To market is to tell the world that “hey, my company exists!”

Yet contrary to many, marketing extends beyond promotion and advertising. It also has something to do with direct sales and public relations. It’s finding out the right kind of product to put in the marketplace and figuring out the best way to put it up for sale. It’s also developing strong relationships with your customers that go beyond buying and selling. It’s confiding in your customers that you know their needs and you can be trusted.

Regardless of how awesome or groundbreaking your product or service is, you can’t expect progress if you don’t put in the work on your marketing efforts. Here are five core reasons why you should bump marketing up your priority list.

    1. Marketing Puts You Out There
      The primary goal of any marketing campaign is to build awareness. Because once brand awareness is established, everything else follows: queries, customers and most importantly, revenue. After all, the first step of every business is to inform the world what you have to offer. In short – It will let the world see your business!
    2. Marketing Engages
      All marketing efforts are built on customer engagement. Success does not simply mean catching people’s attention and gaining revenue. It’s more than that. It’s about building a reputation founded on honesty, reliability and stability. These traits are what will make customers remember you and come back to you. Building relationships with your audience whether it’s through social media, newsletters or print and digital ads, assures them that you are trustworthy, accessible and memorable. In short – It will connect you to the world and to your target customers!
    3. Marketing Boosts Your Sales
      Once your advertisements and engagements are up, so does your audience reach and therefore, the chances of acquiring more sales. Marketing draws customers in. It presents your products in the best light attractive buyers and converts this public attention to revenue. Not to mention, the more exposure you invest on, the more chance you’ll have of customers spreading news about your business to more people like wildfire.
      In short – It will result to more profit for your business!
    4. Marketing Solidifies Your Identity
      Great marketing campaigns reflect the company’s culture, goals and style. Simply put, marketing helps strengthen the pull of your brand and makes you distinguishable from your competitors. Whether it’s in the form of a great tagline (think Nike’s “Just Do It”) or an unforgettable video ad series, epic marketing efforts generate trust and credibility. Remember, the strength of your brand is what makes you memorable.
      In short – It will strongly support your brand!
    5. Marketing is Great Research
      Marketing allows you to test what works best for your company. It also helps you define your target market as well as your competitors. In turn, you can best use this information in optimizing your resources and reposition your identity based on your audience’s needs. For instance, it seems like most of your social media following is made up of young adults. Maybe it’s about time you rebrand and follow a more millennial approach to your ads. In short – You’ll learn from it!


  1. Whether you’re already a sought-after brand or an emerging name in the business, you need marketing to bring out the best in your company. It can all be overwhelming in the beginning but trust us, it’s a worthy investment. Don’t know where to start? Drop us a line at info@nvanceleap.com and we’ll be more than happy to help! View our portfolio and services at www.nvanceleap.com.
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