6 Ways Your Interior Designs Can Reach New Clients

Interior design is, no doubt, a competitive industry. This is why marketing your design company is crucial. A great marketing campaign helps build a strong brand identity and bring in the right customers. Don’t know where to start? Here are seven ways on how to put your interior design business in the marketing spotlight.

  1. Know Your Clients
    • Every successful marketing campaign begins with sufficient knowledge about your target market. Who is your ideal client? What are their demographics? Which social media sites do they frequently visit? What kinds of services are they interested in? Do your research and let your findings shape the appropriate marketing strategies for your company.
  1. Upgrade Your Portfolio Site
    • Your portfolio is the heart of your design business. It serves as the primary gateway between prospective customers and your works. Feature your best projects and keep the list updated. When it comes to the design industry, there is nothing more off-putting than a stale portfolio.
  1. Refresh Your Website
    • Is your website mobile-friendly? Is it easy to navigate? Maybe it’s time to give a fresh spin to your website. Realign your web design to your company’s goals and aesthetic. Remove the clutter and focus on the essentials: portfolio gallery, about us, blogs, contact page. Visitors will more likely remember you if your website is on-brand, user-friendly, and easy on the eyes.
  1. Step Up Your Social Media
    • We’re in the digital age. Everyone is on social media: your clients, your competitors, your potential partners. Don’t get left behind. Update your profiles on major social networking sites especially the visual-centric ones like Instagram, Pinterest and Behance. Remember, social media has expanded from networking platform to global marketplace. Take advantage of Facebook ads and treat your Instagram account like a portfolio. To embrace social media is to reach out to more potential customers.
  1. Get Blogging
    • Blogs are effective ways to tell people what you can do. They’re an extremely engaging form of content. Blogs spark conversations and allow you to showcase your expertise in design. Blog about everything from design tips to listicles to detailed features of your finest projects. Pro-tip: Include a link to your services at the end or a newsletter subscription button. And keep those titles catchy!
  1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Email
    • Stay in touch with your target market through electronic direct mailer (EDM) campaigns. Emails are one of the best marketing tools out there as they deliver your messages directly to a potential client’s inbox. Add a personal touch by including the name of your recipient in the subject line or sending out newsletters based on user-behavior.
  1. Host Free Consultations
    • Think of it as a free-trial gift. Free consultations or estimates are surefire ways to attract potential customers and give them a sneak peek of your skills and expertise. Set up an online form on your website and boost it on your social media channels. Hopefully, a good portion of these consultations would turn into actual clients and generate revenue.

Investing in marketing allows your design business to grow and reach its fullest potential. In the long run, it helps widen your reach and increase sales. Marketing can be overwhelming at first but we’re here to help you get on track.

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