Digital Marketing in 2019: 6 Trends Your Business Can’t Ignore


It’s 2019. Kylie Jenner has just been named the “Youngest Self-made Billionaire” by Forbes Magazine. Her Kylie Cosmetics line broke the internet and has consistently been selling out since its release. Kylie Jenner at 21 years old has dominated the makeup industry and has made the list of billionaire tycoons.

And it’s all thanks to Instagram.


Love them or hate them, admit it, the Kardashians have always understood the power of marketing. They showed the world the importance of social media and influencer trends. And they’re right. In the age of the smartphone, the internet is your primary marketing weapon.

The digital marketing landscape has always been an exciting field to watch. You’ll never know what people can come up with next: live coverages, curated Instagram feeds, computer-generated assistants. What’s next?

Here are the top digital marketing trends predicted to make waves this year. Read on to find out which strategy would best suit your business.

  1. Social Media Stories
    Nowadays people, especially younger generations, are more attracted to bite-sized content. Instagram stories, Facebook My Days—these 15-second content are some of the latest ways to give website visitors visual content. What’s fantastic about these stories is they’re short yet sweet and they’re the first thing that pops out when customers open their profiles. They’re also the perfect platform to show a fun, quirkier side of your brand through exciting time-sensitive content, exclusive behind-the-scenes snippets and a fun, quirkier side of your brand.
  2. Mobile Apps
    There’s a reason why almost, if not all, businesses—big or small—have jumped into the mobile app train. The world has shifted from bulky laptops to handy smartphones. Investing on a mobile app allows 24/7 availability, wider audience reach and a speedy and seamless consumer experience. Developing your own mobile app makes you more accessible to customers and gives you an edge over your competitors.
  3. Influencers
    They’re everywhere: vloggers, models, actors, food critiques, artists. An influencer is someone who has credibility on a specific field and has a huge social media following. Their curated Instagram feeds and shiny YouTube channels can attract customers in a second. Believe it or not, getting just a single product placement on their feeds can do wonders for your audience reach.
  4. Video Content
    A large part of internet traffic continues to stem from video content. Most people prefer watching videos to reading a text because it’s easier, more interactive and requires a shorter period of time to consume. Video content continues to evolve, though from 360-degree videos creating a virtual reality experience to more interactive real-time broadcasts thanks to the rise of Facebook Live and Instagram Live.
  5. Personalization
    Don’t you just love receiving newsletters that address your name in the subject line? If you want your brand to be memorable, show your customers that you know them and you pay attention to their needs. Recent technology has made it so much easier to user behavior data including purchase history, links clicked and social media accounts followed. Use these to personalize content and filter out products customized for your customers’ needs and preferences (think Netflix’s “Because You Watched…” list).
  6. Chatbots
    Chatbots are some of the latest forms of artificial intelligence making its way in mainstream business. These virtual assistants can do everything a normal concierge would: initiate chats, respond to queries, help make purchases. Investing in a chatbot would save you a lot of time and effort in addressing basic customer service functions.

Almost all businesses today have gone virtual. And why not? The digital world is thriving. Technology has opened new doors for marketing, sales and customer engagement. Make the most of this phenomenon and watch your business soar. Need marketing advice? Hit us up at and we’ll help you get on track! Check out our portfolio at

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