Here’s Why Marketing is Important for AEC Companies

Every business has its own story to tell. In fact, it can be argued that the success of your business relies on how well you tell your story. Putting your company’s story out there simply means letting the public know who you are, how you work, your strengths and your unique qualities.

This is the essence of marketing. Defining the kind of company you want to be and telling the world about it. In simpler terms, creating a perception. Building an identity. Engaging with customers long after the transaction is over. Using your image as leverage for revenue. To market is to attract customers and let them know why you, out of everyone else, are the best in your field.

Marketing has evolved over the years thanks to the rise of technology and the growth of digital communities. More and more corporations have chosen to embrace online visibility as a core way to increase brand awareness and generate profit. Various digital strategies from SEO to social media presence to online ads have made their way in the field of marketing creating an unbelievably more interactive business to customer engagement.

It is a well-known fact that most technical firms included in the fields of architecture and engineering are not natural marketing believers. Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) companies usually rely on traditional marketing methods such as corporate events, print advertising, one-on-one interactions and word-of-mouth. Though such strategies have been tried and tested over the years, a huge part of their nature still stems from the idea of leaving it all to fate, chance and the hope that maybe today someone would take notice of your poster or billboard.

But look around you. We are in the middle of a digital revolution. Marketing is at its peak right now. It would be ridiculous not to take advantage of the current technologies available in this day and age. Businesses from retail stores to food and dining to service providers including, yes, AEC companies, must take advantage of marketing to take on new heights reputation-wise.

But I still don’t get why I would spend money to create a reputation when I can just improve my services. Still having doubts? Here are five core reasons why AEC companies should invest in marketing.

  1. It educates – What’s the use of having the absolute best services in the industry when your consumers don’t know you? Marketing informs. It imparts to the world everything they need to know about your identity and services through fun and attention-grabbing ways.  
  2.  It differentiates – For professional service firms like AEC companies, a huge problem lies in uniformity. The challenge lies in pushing your business beyond categorical conventions and making yourself stand out from your competitors. Being part of a somewhat more technical industry does not exempt you from being fun, fresh and unique.
  3. It interacts – Marketing sustains and strengthens your relationship with your clients. It helps build trust, credibility and keeps the conversation going between you and the public. Excellent marketing also attracts the right projects and employees.
  4. It generates revenue – Superb visibility equates to exposure and more exposure equates to potential customers. Interactive campaigns or consistent social media postings can extend your reach and thus, increase the number of projects up your sleeve.
  5. It stimulates growth – A great marketing scheme opens innovative doors for your company to reach and exceed your goals and establish and maintain a fantastic reputation.

Your marketing strategies can be a deal breaker. You’d be surprised at the wonders an eye-catching infographic or a thought-provoking video can do to make people remember and choose you. To market your brand is to allow your business to grow and expand. It invites new customers, welcomes greater profit and establishes a solid and credible identity your company can bank on for years to come.  

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